Astrology Classes 2017

Spring 2017 Class Dates and Details

Hi everyone. I’ve been working hard in January and February to create a self-study version of my “astrology for beginners” course. I’m getting a lot of valuable feedback from my beta test group and am still considering various formats for rolling out the next “live” online astrology trainings. That said, here are the provisional details for my Spring 2017 astrology classes. If you’re interested, feel free to email me to discuss.

Note: I’m planning to offer another beginner course in the Fall. Email me if you’re a real astrology newbie and let me know you’re interested in the course.


Dates: mid-April – end of June 2017

Level: Beginning Intermediate

Prerequisites:  Some prior study and a basic understanding of core astrology concepts. Completion of one of my previous astrology courses including the beta test version of the astrology self-study course.

Format and Pricing: TBD based on participant interest.

I’m looking at various formats including:

  • Live weekly video classes
  • Weekly email lessons (video + workbook) plus private Facebook group


Dates: March 2 – May 25

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Prerequisites:  Completion of my Fall 2016 course and/or demonstrated skill at intermediate level.

Format: 10 weeks of live weekly video classes, plus additional materials and private Facebook group.

Pricing: $500

In this class we will:

  • Review the key concepts of natal chart interpretation and refine our work with aspects, rulerships and transits.
  • Work with transits to the natal chart, event charts, progressions to the natal chart and transits to progressed planets.
  • Go deeper into the major life cycle transits such as Saturn returns and squares, the Pluto square, Uranus opposition, Chiron return and more.
  • Conduct practice readings, in which we work from a client’s “presenting issue” to find the archetypes in the chart that can help resolve the problem.
  • Have a total blast geeking out on astrology together!