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Have you ever imagined reading your monthly horoscope or your weekly astrology forecast and knowing exactly what the horoscope actually means in relation to your personal chart?

Do you look up friends’ or celebrities’ charts on astrodienst.com and wish you could filter down all those symbols and lines and just focus on the most important planets?

Whether you’re looking to gain confidence in your chart-reading abilities or wanting to understand the basic building blocks of astrology, I’ve got news for you:

The only way to truly learn astrology is to practice.

Think of it like learning to play the guitar. You can read a dozen books on music theory and watch a thousand YouTube instructional videos. But you’ll never be able to play your favorite Bruno Mars song until you start picking up the guitar every day and putting your fingers on the fretboard.


My first goal with these courses is that you catch the astrology bug – i.e. you have such a blast learning to interpret your chart that you can’t wait to come to class each week. My second goal is that you walk away from the class feeling confident that you can find the key elements in a chart and talk coherently (to yourself or other people) about what the chart says.

So rather than drill you on standard interpretations of each house, planet, sign or aspect, I’m going to teach you how to think about astrology. As you progress, you’re going to realize that you’re developing your own unique system of chart interpretation. So we’re just going to leverage the power of the Information Age from the beginning and teach you how to leverage what you already do know about astrology and find the answers to what you don’t understand.

My videos and handouts will cover the basic tools of the trade and I include plenty of lists, definitions and tables to get you started. But understanding how to look at a chart and what to look for – and jumping right into practice interpretations –  is so much more valuable (and fun) than rote memorization.